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What’s the secret to why I can’t I sleep?

Modern life leaves us all stressed, anxious, busy and our minds thinking and ticking over consistently. For many people this continues into the night. Even if it appears that we’re relaxed, physically and subconsciously our bodies are still in full fight or flight mode.

Our bodies are designed for the cave-person era – to pump our bodies full of adrenaline and other chemicals when we saw danger (for example a lion or tiger wanting to eat us or another person wanting to attack us) this enabled us to fight or run. Back then, once the danger was over our bodies relaxed and went back to our normal, natural and relaxed state – enabling us to relax comfortably back in our caves to refresh, restore and keep our bodies healthy.

The problem is in today’s world those same chemicals and emotions are triggered all day, everyday, with work pressures, travel stress, self expectation and doubt, family pressures, demanding mobile phones with alerts 24 hours a day, medication,coffee and other stimulants and of course television news and advertising causing our primal systems to go into overdrive – often without our conscious awareness!
We believe we are ‘relaxed’ but biologically we aren’t.

It’s this subconscious stress and anxiety that keeps you awake at night, makes you wake up during the night and stimulates those spinning voices inside your head – as you try your best to drift off and get to sleep knowing you’ve got work in the morning or a family that needs your energy and attention during the day.

How we get you sleeping…

At The Sleep Specialist (a specialist division of the trusted Mindful Results Hypnotherapy) we use hypnotherapy to very successfully eliminate all of that subconscious stress and anxiety in just three sessions for most clients.
Once that subconscious stress and anxiety is eliminated from your body, your body simply resets, back to that natural relaxed, free, calm and focused state. Where the stresses of day to day life are still there, but your mind and body is able to handle them resetting naturally and instantly back to that natural relaxed state instead of feeling overloaded.

Which sounds simple yet has led to  hundreds of clients sleeping deeply, completely and consistently for the rest of their life. We’ve worked with client’s who have slept walked, slept ate (eating during the night with no awareness), clients addicted to sleeping pills, and clients who have seen psychologists and psychiatrists and still couldn’t sleep and client’s who have been unable to sleep for decades. ALL of them now sleep deeply, completely and consistently through the night!

Sleep conditions and issues we have successfully worked with

  • Insomnia – the inability to sleep or stay asleep (our most popular service)

  • Sleepwalking and Sleep-Eating

  • Reliance on Sleeping Pills

  • Anxious Feelings and Thoughts Keeping You Awake

  • Negative Voices/Thoughts While You’re Trying To Sleep

  • Nightmares and Recurring Dreams

  • Waking Up In A Panic And Body Jolts

  • Phone and Television Addiction Keeping You Awake

  • Stress Headaches and Muscle Tension

  • Nightshift Work And Trouble Sleeping During The Day

  • Newborn And Parental Stress Keeping You Awake

  • Work And Management Pressure

  • Unexplained Or Unidentifiable Stress Or Anxiety Keeping You Awake

  • Sleeping And Waking Peacefully With Sleep Apnea (CPAP) Equipment

What other benefits can I expect as well as sleeping through the night

The benefits our clients regularly enjoy from working with us, apart from increased energy from sleeping right through the night have included;
Better relationships with their children – having the increased energy, love and tolerance to really enjoy spending time with their children rather than being impatient and snappy.

Better and more intimate relationships with their partner – being more relaxed, confident and playful has enabled our clients to communicate better, rediscover their connection with their partner and also improve their sex life now their bodies have the energy and drive back.

Better health – often clients will report that the tension headaches they have had for years have disappeared along with chronic pain often caused by tension in the muscles and a build up of acid in the body.

More confidence – many many clients have felt more energised, confident and free so much so that they have started new careers, gained promotions, travelled overseas for the first time and started new relationships

Letting go of the past and finally putting yourself first – many clients after working with us, often for the first time in their life, begin to put themselves and their needs first- their life, their interests, their passions and their careers.

What to do next…

Excited about finally being able to sleep deeply, consistently and completely through the night?

The next step is to contact us to book your session, we are often booked out a couple of weeks in advance however we will do our very best to get you in asap.
If you would love a list of available appointments simply SMS ‘appointments’ to 0416 874 304 and you’ll get a list of available appointment for you to choose from instantly.
Otherwise please call  (03) 9398 5886 and we’ll have a chat, answer any questions you may have or arrange the perfect appointment time for you. Or if you would prefer simply message us on Facebook or email

Whichever method you choose we look forward to working with you, creating your personalised results and getting you sleeping deeply, consistently and completely though the night.

Client success stories and results in their own words

“After years of chronic insomnia I am now getting a full nights sleep thanks to Benn. No more 3am wake ups staring at the ceiling for three hours a night. The results were immediate and I feel so much better. I was sceptical at first, but I am So glad I decided to do this, it has made a massive difference, and I now look forward to going to bed knowing that I will sleep well.Thanks Benn. I highly recommend it.” Danielle – Facebook

“Was very cautious to begin with but after just one of the three sessions I was sleeping so much better and still months later I am sleeping better then I have in many years, thanks Ben” Prue – Facebook

“Before I saw Ben I was sleeping 4 to 5 hours a night. Now I’m sleeping through the whole night and waking up with energy.
He also gave me tools that I have used at work to increase my confidence, which led me to get a promotion. highly recommended to anyone who needs assistance.” Jenny – Google

“Benn is great. I’ve had 3 sessions over as many weeks and I found them very helpful in dealing with a phobia of flying (and my partner flying), sleep as well as general calmness and clarity. I am planning my holiday now and really looking forward to it, along with many other things in my future which Benn has helped me approach with a new sense of calm and excitement.” Megan – Facebook

“Can’t recommend Ben enough if you need help with almost anything at all – get in touch. I was so skeptical but Ben was amazing and the results speak for themselves” Lisa – Facebook

“Highly recommend Benn. He helped me with sleep issues and issues related to vestibular neuritis” Marie – Facebook

“I’m so so happy I came to you Ben… as you fixed so many things in my life, your a good sent. thank you thank you.” Rose – Facebook

“Benn is very professional and provides Hypnotherapy Services that actually work! Highly recommend” Julie – Facebook

Where to find us…

The Sleep Specialist is a specialist division of  located at 3/34 David Street Altona Victoria 3018
(Please note that sessions are strictly by appointment only, thank you)

Thanks for reading and I look forward to working with you,

Benn Luscombe
‘Australia’s Leading Sleep Specialist’
Nationally Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Dip.Clin.Hyp, NLP Prac. BA Communication

Benn Luscombe is a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist specializing in sleep and insomnia issues.
Benn got the name ‘the sleep specialist’ after a client suggested that he dedicate his skills to helping people sleep after he was finally able to sleep after decades of insomnia and seeing every medical professional he could without results until he met Benn. That was four years ago and the name as stuck.
Benn has x qualifications and continues to research, practice and refine his skills and specialties taking influence from the latest European, American and International research, practices, trainings and techniques.
As a result Benn’s practice Mindful Results Hypnotherapy of which The Sleep Specialist is a part of has continued to grow on the back of client referrals – where he will often work with entire families or professional offices purely on word of mouth and his results.
Benn Luscombe, Sleep Specialist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Practice Manager